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From contractors to restaurateurs to consultants, Nav helps all types of business owners lower their costs and get matched to financing.

Nav has helped over 400,000 business owners, and we’re growing.

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“The first thing I had to do [to grow my business] was get my credit in shape. I didn’t need credit before, so I didn’t really care about what was in my credit report. Luckily, I was able to get some advice from the Nav team.”

– Nav review by Leticia, Owner of Belleza & Beauty.

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“The interactive dashboard, monitoring and tools provide by NAV has yielded positive results for both personal and professional endeavors and well being. Confidence as a CEO has increased in dealing with day to day funding needs and options. As well as peace of mind on security and fraud protection.”

– Nav review by Peter

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“In a short period, I have gone from a business with no rating to an A rated company. I could not have done it without the tools provided by Nav.”

– Nav Review by Adrienne

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“Nav keeps me in the know at any time I’m interested in looking at a new vehicle or investment properties. Best of all right now, I use their free service and when I make the decision to make a really big deal, I’ll go pro.”

– Nav review by Ronnie

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“I quickly found an erroneous tax lien on my business report with Nav Premium. I resolved it and saved hundreds of dollars in insurance costs.”

– Nav review by John, Owner of Page Insurance. Learn more about Nav Premium.

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“Nav has been wonderful in helping me understand the nuances of business credit and financing, especially how fluctuations can occur with scores, even when you are doing everything the way you are supposed to be doing it.”

– Nav review by Irwin Shires, Craft Beer Journeys

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How we make money

We have two main ways of making money. We do NOT make money by selling your data. Nav takes your privacy seriously.

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1. Product Referrals

It’s completely free to use Nav to find your best financing options and apply for funding. Nav’s marketplace uses an unbiased algorithm to show and connect you to financing options based on your credit profile, business information and suitability. Our algorithm is lender-neutral, and can show you what financing you are likely to get before you apply.

More than 44 different credit and loan products exist for small businesses and we’ve partnered with over 100 of the top business lenders and credit cards. When you get funding from one of our partners, we may receive compensation from them in the form of a referral fee. Because we are sending customers that fit their profile, we help the lenders save money. Nav takes a small fee, and the rest of the savings is passed on to the customer.

Whether or not you take any offers from our partners, you can always use our free account to access your personal and business credit reports, along with tools to build your business credit profile. You are never obligated to take any offers presented to you on Nav.

premium accounts

2. Premium Accounts

In addition to our free Standard account, we also offer Premium accounts: Essential, Premium and Premium Plus. These accounts provide detailed data from 4 different personal and business credit bureaus and data providers, as well as other benefits, including identity theft protection and the ability to monitor the credit of multiple businesses.

The details in these reports include the same information business lenders see, so you get more helpful insights, like whether you have credit issues that could hold you back. Plus, they let you be proactive and stay on top of your credit so you don’t get blindsided.

It costs us more to get the extra data and reports from the bureaus, so we have to charge money for these Premium accounts. But, Nav charges less than it would cost going to each bureau for this information.

The money we receive helps us support our team of experts who research the latest news, products, and improve our technology so that it’s even easier for you to run and grow your business. We appreciate your trust.

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