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Debt Elimination Specialists (DES), is dedicated to helping businesses struggling from the pressures of debt to succeed and to achieve financial stability and success. While Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC) exists for individuals, Commercial Debt Settlement exists for struggling businesses to help them avoid bankruptcy and to create repayment programs with their creditors that fit within the budget of the business.

We do that by restructuring your business debts with corporate credit cards, vendors, creditors, suppliers, business lenders, collection agencies or attorneys. At the same time this works to revive the cash flow of your business by rebuilding relationships with your suppliers and vendors.

If your accounts are already delinquent, we can help minimize harassing threats, calls, potential repossession, and litigation. Our focus is on resolving and reducing debt by negotiating a debt settlement that works for your company.

Our program puts you and your business in control of what creditors you want us to work with, which creditors you need to continue services with, what funds are available and when they will be available.

Debt Elimination Specialists is headed by David Fernandez, a practicing attorney with many years experience negotiating settlements in the tens of millions of dollars. With this level of experience and because DES takes only a limited number of cases ensuring the greatest level of attention to each case, you can rest assured that you are getting the best service available.

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