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Become debt free. Faster than you ever imagined.

At Debt Elimination Specialists (DES) we are committed to eliminating up to 60% of your unsecured debt. We work directly with your creditors to provide relief from the monthly bills that keep most consumers from living the life they desire. DES will negotiate to reduce as much of your debt as possible. Our goal is to get you out of debt fast and relieve you from your financial stress.

Our negotiators are experienced debt specialists. Their backgrounds are uniquely suited for helping our clients reach their debt free goals. These well trained negotiators focus on one thing only and that is to get you out of debt.

Our Mission

The DES mission is to provide you, our client, with a viable solution for debt free living. We believe that our debt settlement program can be the springboard towards your newfound financial independence.

Become debt free. Faster than you ever imagined. Don't procrastinate. Negotiate.

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